Inbound Marketing Automation

CogniCraft helps you modernise your inbound marketing strategy with cost-efficient and real-time automation. We help you tailor your customers journey through your sales funnel with timely interactions. Chatbots, email, sms, landing pages, product information pages, blogs, video – all playing a role in informing, assuring and qualifying your leads and converting them into valued customers.

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With digitised sales playbooks you can orchestrate email, voice, SMS and social with prospects

Make Reps More Productive

Bring together you customer conversations and everything reps need to sell, all in one place.

Get the best out of your CRM

Integrate with any CRM and stay on top of your activities and outcomes.

Make Better Decisions

Visibility of your business activities gives your the key intelligence and analytics to help managers raise the bar across the team.

Our services in this space:

  • Inbound Marketing Automation
  • Sales Engagement Automation
  • Business Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Automated Leads Scoring
  • Automated Audience Segmentation
  • Instant Insights
  • Engagement Measurement
  • Retention Tracking
  • Funnel Visualization
  • A/B Testing
  • Notifications
  • CRM Integratons (Marketo, HubSpot, SalesForce, InfusionSoft)

Fast Data / Big Data Analytics and Cloud SaaS Integrations

CogniCraft helps you to build Fast Data solutions rapidly by integrating your data capture upfront in your user experience without the need for complex backend and reporting projects. These can be integrated at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown project. Once you are happy with the results, your IT team can evolve the solution to integrate it more deeply with their exiting ecosystem. CogniCraft has built integrations and workflows around leading B2B SaaS platforms for products that need to provide a unified view of the customer or account over a period of time.

Get 360 on your customer journey

Sales decisions today depend on tracking and analysing vital pieces of information about the customer engagement which resides outside of traditional CRMs. The information can reside in Email conversations, Marketing Automation Tools, Customer Success Tools, Support, Billing and other tools.

Empower your Data Scientists

If your precious Data Scientists spend a lot of time trying to access data, or wait for cleansed, conforming data instead of investigating insights and building analytics dashboards, you need strong data engineering support.  With CogniCraftyou can ensure your Data Scientists are focussed on finding insights in the data while our data engineers support them by keeping the data clean, secure and easy-to-access.

Manage an efficient Cloud Infrastructure

Is your team is stuck with a very expensive cloud infrastructure bills? If you need support rationalising your cloud infrastructure spend, CogniCraft can help you analyse, re-design and migrate your data and application infrastructure to be efficient.

Our services in this area:

  • Real-time and Fast Data Architecture
  • Fast/Big Data Engineering for Instant Analytics
  • Live Api Integrations between IT backends and bidding platforms
  • Live Api Integrations with DoubleClick, Google Analytics
  • Integrating Customer Journey events to provide Live Instant Analytics
  • High-volume, continuous data migrations in the cloud (AWS S3, Azure)
  • Smart Data Lake Design, Development and Operationlisation
  • Data Engineering support for Data Science teams
  • Transparent Cost Management of Cloud Infrastructure


Chatbots Development, AI and Machine Learning

CogniCraft help customers build enterprise-class chat bots and intelligent interfaces for their brands & websites. We also partner with startups to build chat-first business models.

Chatbots help your customer find what they need faster and more accurately while saving time for your team. Chatbots cut down on the ad hoc queries and helps people be more productive. Not all Chatbots solutions need Artificial Intelligence or Deep Learning. Often a well-defined flow might suffice, if all your require is to cut out the ad-hoc queries and reduce the tire kicking your sales or support team experiences.

Conversational Interfaces

Multi-channel approaches are critical for all businesses. You need to be present wherever your customers are. We have developed bots that support a variety of messaging and voice interfaces. We love developing for Slack platform in the enterprise domain as well as Facebook in the B2C space.

We are also building exciting voice-tech solutions that leverage machine learning APIs for speech-to-text and analytics.

Chatbot Frameworks

We have developed chatbots using most of the popular chatbot frameworks from AWS, Microsoft & Google clouds. Botkit is a popular framework when you do not want to host on a public cloud. Our strong Node.js expertise and experience integrating with various libraries and third party APIs makes us an ideal partner.

NLP, NLU & Serverless

Our machine learning team has expertise with NLP/NLU technologies and deep learning algorithms. We leverage popular cloud services for NLP as well as Rasa NLU for private deployments. We can also use AWS Lambda, Gomix or similar serverless frameworks to build your chatbot infrastructure so that it is infinitely scalable while keeping your costs down.

Yet, over time, and as your knowledge base grows, a cognitive chatbot can reduce your team's workload even further by handling tasks like

  • booking calendar appointments
  • capturing preliminary information
  • verifying certain conditions
  • directing the customer to the right team

Our services in this area include:

  • Design conversation-based flows for your product or website
  • Converting your existing UIs to become more conversational
  • Developing a chatbot strategy that augments and works with your end-to-end process
  • Building robotic automation to integrate gaps in the processes
  • Integrate your data to provide instant analytics and notifications to your sales or support teams
  • Develop chatbots for web, mobile, facebook messenger or slack
  • Provide support and coaching to existing IT teams


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We can build a simple bot for your website frontpage within a day.

For bots with deeper insight into your customer engagement, you can  expect to see your MVP to be out within 30 days.


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